Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marine sized Scout Sergeants

For all those people like me, that hate the fact that the Sergeant of a scout squad (in my case wolf scouts) is the same size the the scouts themselves, then give this a look over:

Space Wolf Grey Hunter stands with Wolf Scout.


You'll need:
Scout torso legs and head.
A small amount of greenstuff (GS).
The 'small' round gate from the Scout frame (Black circle).
Scrap plastic about 1mm thick.


Step 1. Cut out a small square (or round) of 1mm plastic and glue this to the legs. Don't make it too big, as it may get in the way when you GS later. At the same time, don't make it too small as this supports the torso. Once you done that, glue the torso to the legs. Make sure its centered properly!


Step 2. Once the glue has dried (I didnt wait, but Meh,) make a sausage of GS and fill the gaps, smoothing it out and form the shape of the front of the armour. I have little skill with GS, so its not hard at all.


Step 3. Cut a small (about .5mm - 1mm) sliver from the gate of the scout frame. This will form the scouts neck. You'll need to flatted the bottom of the scouts head as well as enlarge the area where the head fits on the torso. Glue the neck then the head in place.


And thats it. Add arms and details and Bobs your fathers brother. The only noticable problem is a lower 'belt' then I would like, but thats a small trade off I think.