Saturday, May 29, 2010

Space Wolves Test model

Thought I'd better post up the model showing how my Space Wolves will finally turn out. Least thats the plan. In typical fasion, I forgot to make a note of some of the colours mixes I used, but thankfully the main armour itself is easy to remember. Airbrushed Codex grey basecoat, Badab Black wash in the recesses with Fortress Grey Highlights. My main aim was to produce an acceptable (Thats acceptable in my eyes) tabletop standard that wasn't as complex to do like my Ultramarines and Imperial Fists.

At the time of taking this picture, I had run out of Codex Grey, So I was unable to fix up a few areas. A few areas need slight adjustments, such as the eyes, but other then these few small things, the Model is exactly the way I want the army to look.


I already have a Grey Hunters Squad all basecoated ready to go. The wifes taking a week of work next week, and thats when I'll hit the brushes to get the squad finished while she works on her Orks.

I also have to remember to remind myself to get some more black spray paint so I can undercoat then basecoat the rest of the army...